The Boy’s With Different Color

April 16, 2009
By Johhny Northrop BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
Johhny Northrop BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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The boys are friends.

Met by the open alley.

Where no one knew about.

They talked about their lives,

And their problems.

One of the boys was white, and one was Mexican.

Does it matter?

No but at the time of the 1960’s it did.

The boys couldn’t understand why they couldn’t be allowed to play with each other.

Time went on.

The boys were like brother’s.

They had always been together.

Shed tears and laughter together.

Their dad’s eventually found out about their different race friend.

In time the saying was not all men are created equal.

Why cant we look at people in inside and not their out?

In God’s eyes we are all brother’s.

We should all love one another.

Shouldn’t matter about the color.

The boy’s friendship was torn apart.

One of the boy’s dad had made him and his family move away.

The boys heart were scarred and broken.

Now these boys will grow up with hate in their heart.

Both of their lives are so harsh.

The Mexican boy grows up and learns to hate,

To make his dad feel great.

In his heart he knew that this fake.

He does it to make his dad glad.

Same with the other boy, grows up mad

Learns to hate on different color.

The boys grow up

And still miss each other.

They want to reunite again.

With hope and strength they both know they can.

If their dad’s find out they would give the hand.

But not now, because their both grown men.

And a different man.

Color may separate people, but they cant separate friendship and their heart.

The author's comments:
Im Johnny Northrop.
I write poems a lot and love writing them so thank you for reading this poem.

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