April 16, 2009
By Shira Williams BRONZE, Peoroa, Arizona
Shira Williams BRONZE, Peoroa, Arizona
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It's like being lost in a forest ;; not knowing where to go
It's like being on stage ;;and forgetting the lines to your show
It's like being sick ;; not able to speak
It's like being the strongest man ;;yet you feel so weak
It's like being in love ;; yet no one there
It's like loving someone ;; who doesnt care
It's like hurting someone ;; and they still keep holding on
It's like wishing ;; that they never would have gone

Being misunderstood is one of my greatest fears
Being misunderstood only brings tears
You don't really know what's goin on inside
And it's like the other doesn't even try
And you wanna cry
Just to give you that sense of hope
But. That lil' voice in your head, says "nope"

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