April 16, 2009
By Zachary Enrile BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
Zachary Enrile BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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Patience in denim
The steps voice a comforting creak
His body heat condenses

and forms into droplets of anxiety and resentment
Eagerly committing

Flickers of fluorescence
Panic scraping through his pores
A familiar feeling

shaking the deepest corner of his guarded heart
Untamed urges

Blistered hands grip the seat
Speeding towards the pitch black underpasses
The distance between his heart
and the conductor decrease with the miles
Swiftly derailing

The fires incinerate the shell
Wearing newly formed shrapnel in his skin
Tiny metals of a lifetime
Planted in heartache and realizations of time
Urgency grows

Raising his hands above
Draining strength into unnecessary actions
Bearing the tears
from his eyes resembling panels of splintered glass
Disenchanted heartache

Medical instruments dictate
The surgeon speaks in muted, foreign tongues
Constructing the acts that
brought him to his current retirement amongst the ashes
Surgical reincarnation

The bliss he remembers
The embraces he felt on that cold, iron seat
He dreams in memories
and recollections that lead only to stinging regret
Decadent retrospection

Blistered hands grip the seat
A familiar kick comes with the speed
The distance between
his heart and the tracks increases with the seconds
Familiar territory

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