Burn Bright

April 15, 2009
By Jeeves SILVER, Augusta, Georgia
Jeeves SILVER, Augusta, Georgia
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“Burn Bright”

Bring to the light what the heart hides,
Praise our love- for it shows us it’s pride.

The steady yet incredible feeling of yours compressed inside,
Creates for me more than I can ever wish for within my blessed rights.

Your loyalty notions me to never move on… or away,
Because it is you who lifted me into what I am today.

Earth destined us to be joined from the start,
And you know of course, since we will never part.

No matter what becomes of us sooner or later,
My shadow won't ever leave your side… never.

Born or produced, it doesn’t matter,
What matters most is that you are here- with me… forever.

The author's comments:
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