You Are...

April 15, 2009
By Jeeves SILVER, Augusta, Georgia
Jeeves SILVER, Augusta, Georgia
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“You Are”

The flowers of God are worthless with you in mind,
Prestige is your maiden, ever following you from behind.

Trotting ever so slowly with your thoughts to the brink,
Will never forget you until I can no longer think.

Summer monsoons of bliss shower you with the most delicate rain,
Yet there is a drought of sadness within, because you deserve, at the least… no pain.

The heart sights you throughout the universe and beyond,
There will be no limit that will be unbreakable for you …. or for me.

Greatest aroma is produced by the scent of divulgence into your heart,
If left alone inside though, the creations of God themselves… shall tear apart.

Slightest movement of dust arises your presence to every and all,
Why then, not just address yourself to me as my one and only God?

The author's comments:
Rhetoric And Interrogative.....

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