You Are As One

April 15, 2009
By Jeeves SILVER, Augusta, Georgia
Jeeves SILVER, Augusta, Georgia
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The melodious voice called music is worth nothing,
Discipline, principles, and teachings are worth minimal,
Only your soul created by the One is infinite.

What is infinite, and what is worth a dime?
Creation of your divine self is above all,
Drastic long eras of blankness perceive and pursue,
Only practicing your passion can act as a solution.

You cannot rely on yourself, but upon your qualities and perseverance.
Your anger is not preliminary, except when it becomes your energy.
Prayer, if put in front of the Lord, counts more than can be imagined against-- praise alone…

Bleak moments come and go; just as greed and apparel,
Becoming blind from within, suffering from the untouchable disease,
Unlike the blandness of the individual’s mind.

Under certain circumstances, there is always a chance,
To make up for the grievances of the past.
As said it is to circumspect all the possibilities before taking action,
The creaking, shattering dreams seem to build on top of another.
This is when they make up for hell, and the devil.

Quietness and peace construct your angel lying within you,
Tantalize yourself with the taste and urge to collaborate with each other,
The mixture contains the elements needed to lift you from death, and to heaven.

The author's comments:
Non-Flowing Yet Philosophical.

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