April 15, 2009
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Standing against the wall
Hiding into the wall
Just like wearing camouflage
When it’s really black on white

Talking out
When, clearly, nobody shoulder
But, yet, finding not even a turned head

Standing beside a person
Tapping them on the shoulder to get their attention
But they don’t even flinch
Not even a stutter in their speech

Not able to be seen or heard

Crying at night as soon as the lights go down
Sometimes screaming out loud
Just to see if anybody comes
Nobody does.

Walking through the rain and cold
With nothing on
Without a, “Put your coat on, it’s freezing!”
Nothing of the sort!

Walking through life
Not a person who cares
Not a person to even notice the tears constantly streaming

Standing against the wall
Dressed in black
White wall behind
An audience in front
And, yet, not a single eye crosses over the black spot on the wall
Not a single one….

Walking though life unnoticed

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