April 15, 2009
By Ashley Stoll BRONZE, Summerville, South Carolina
Ashley Stoll BRONZE, Summerville, South Carolina
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I know this feeling all too well
The feeling of incompleteness
waiting to dwell
always leaving me a pathetic mess

Tears roll down my cheek
Burning through my eyes
For its you I seek
Only in nightmares do I say goodbye

Searching, looking, why arent you here?
breath catches in my chest
My world starts spinning, darkness coming near

I close my eyes, clenching them tight
my heart rips open, with a story to tell
in this torture will I live through tonight
without you here my life is hell

Knowing your there brings more pain
Over there and not coming back to me
Thoughts strong enough to kill me, drive me insane
I just don't understand how you can't see

The needing of you has gotten to strong
your missing presence leaves me cold
right here with me is where you belong
Right here embracing me with your genital hold

Realization becoming so clear
my pain a result of my own selfish mind
The torture caused by my own fear
Afraid to lose the one I searched so hard to find

Trying to keep you out of my head
To stop the continuous weep
closing my eyes laying in bed
Finally calm enough to start sleeping

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