Butterfly, Flutterby

April 15, 2009
By Anonymous

The colorful butterfly, fluttered by.

It's large wings making swift, repetitive motions.

Up and down, up and down.

It's wings so simple at first glance.

Yet, so intricate once you take the time to look at it.

Seeing many butterflies before, this one stood out to me.

Deep burnt orange taking over most of the wing.

With small dot and lines of black.

But the underside of the wing was magnificent.

The light lavender, with an undertone of blue.

Never before have I seen this.

I guess I could compare this to the human race.

Yes, we all have different hair, skin and eye colors.

So how is it that we all just blend in?

Well right now, that question is unsolved.

But yet, there's always one that stands out to you.

Yes, they might have brown hair,

That you’ve seen a million times before.

And warm brown eyes, and a pale complexion.

But then you notice the small things.

The way how even though he has curls,

They still shine miraculously.

And if you pull on one, it springs back into place.

And his small, down turned eyes,

Have small speckles of gold dancing in the sunlight.

And his pale skin has a beige undertone,

Coming from his Cherokee ancestors.

And they way that he'll deny he's cold or tired,

But his cheeks turning bright pink are a dead giveaway.

The way that when you poke his sides,

His usually down turned mouth curves upward.

And if you tickle his stomach,

He lets out a stifled laugh,

Trying to hold back to contagious giggle.

His usually quiet demeanor,

Is gone, once everyone else is too.

His lyrics, show his true personality.

And although on stage, his voice is loud and strained,

Back home his voice is quiet and perfect.

So I'm gonna keep this butterfly forever.

And love it dearly.

But if time comes, and I must set it free,

I'll keep an eye out for it,

And smile every time it passes.

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