Night of Insanity

April 15, 2009
By Amandab SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
Amandab SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
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The night hit me
like waves upon the open shore
quickly it crashed
washing me free form all sanity.
with darkness, guilt is packed tight
oozing from the open holes,
of my rough, sandy heart.

The wind whispered in my ear
taunting me as it brought the stars
oh how they mock me!
numbering all of my crimes.
not a cloud will hide,
my clearly seen guilt
only the salty air is present
to sting my open wounds

The same images in my head
tumble about, repeating their cycles
i wish nothing more
than to lose myself at sea
to free myself of my deeds.
i want to block out the voices
that fly overhead,
daring to swoop down and take a snap

Now the moon leaves my side
bringing the high tide
of my wrong doings.
the burns of yesterday's sun
sizzle inside of me.
time has come to face the heat
and do my best to wash all clean.
i can find the light to save me,
before i drown in the depths of my darkness.

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