April 15, 2009
By Julian Shapanka BRONZE, Orange Park, Florida
Julian Shapanka BRONZE, Orange Park, Florida
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High up in the swirling skies
Traveling upon the winged breath of wind
Through the cloudy shrouds of ether
On the majesty of the Mystical Serpent
That slithers from the rainbowed beatitude
In delirious fits of ecstasy
And solemn states of bliss
The Helix of Everlasting Life
Lives to reunite Lover and Beloved
Lotus and Pond
Angels and Wings
Stream and Ocean
Crowns and Kings
Days and Forever
Yin and Yang
Father and Son
Daughter and Mother
Infinity and Eternity
Flower and Sunshine
Tears and Joy
Songs and Serenity
Smiles and Prayers
Oh such Love spiraling into spiral galaxies
Inside my fingernails
Outside the universe
Wading away darkness
And weaving webs of Light
Throughout the cosmos in an ever radiant glow
Brightening the Hearts and Halos of the soul
Who shares Its hallowed vision
Of the Anointed planting seeds
Of Perfect Devotion
In His garden of souls
Whereupon they are germinated
By the Light of Grace
And watered by the Buddha’s
Nectar drops of Nirvana
Till they blossom
Into the endless meadows of Purity
Where the Serpent is free to roam
The Sacred Hills
And delight in the fragrance of Divinity
On Its way into formless Infinity

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