April 15, 2009
By Shantelle Gordon BRONZE, Odenton, Maryland
Shantelle Gordon BRONZE, Odenton, Maryland
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Theres so many questions I ask about this thing called life.
Its so hard tryin to find the difference between wrong and right.
Theres many decisions to make, some in which are hard to choose.
You happen to pick the wrong thing and all of a sudden you start to lose.
You never know what could happen and what you could end up going through.
From the friends you make. things you do and the places you happen to go to.
Theres a lot of obstacles that always seem to come your way.
Whether they last a lifetime or they disappear by the end of the day.
Its funny how life works, how theres always a conflict you get into.
You think its someone else's fault, but it just seems to revolve around you.
As life goes on, people will change.
Its hard to tell the difference between real and fake.
Which makes it hard to pick between the many different friends you make.
Theres always a lesson to be learned, and they will always bring you higher.
Because all of your life you cant just sit back and believe these lifeless liars.

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