Defeated Call

April 15, 2009
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All alone is what she felt
Angry and so left out
Why hadnt he done anything
for her.
She cried alone, and wonderd why?
Why she was the only one in his life,
he didnt give a thought about
Why has he chosen her to desert
its all his fault,
hes never there,
he had done so many things to her
Why did things go so wrong
What has she done to deserve this
She cried alone
So I thought
I felt a hand wrest on my heart
I opened up let him in
I knew he wouldnt be there for long
but what I found
was I was more than wrong
he had been there all along
Waiting for me to accept he cared
more than I'd ever shared.
I now know you were always there,
I just didn't care.
Stay with me so i dont fall
into my own defeated call

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