Forever and Always

April 15, 2009
By mandy atwell BRONZE, Denham Springs, Louisiana
mandy atwell BRONZE, Denham Springs, Louisiana
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Born with a beating heart
I willingly gave it to You;
Only in exchange for a promise
That You left untrue;
Torchuring me with Your memories
You breathe effortlessly;
While I go through day to night
breathing out in faith
But only to take in the poisonous oxygen You left for me;
I remember every word You said
While You choose to forget it all;
My beating heart You held in Your hand;
With Your words it was punctured,
With Your absence it was dented,
With Your hand it was crushed;
With Your memories it was ripped to shreds;
You left me here to clean up Your mess;
To back together
the beautiful life You destroyed;
Fighting for happiness
Broken on the foor I lay;
Still at your mercy
But there is none;
Your too absorbed in Your own life
To realize the effects You had on mine;
Crying myself to sleep every night
Only to dream about You;
The poison thickens in my veins
As my heart bleeds;
They say life is an opportunity
So i fool them all with a smile;
Smiling in hope that I will
Eventually fool myself;
Embracing the pain
God helped me stand;
Up off my face I rise
But only to fall again;
Because I loved the one
Who was killing me;
Wanting to kill the one
You chose to love over me;
Yet I still press on
After placing my slautered
Heart back into the
Throbbing hole You sliced into my chest;
I still remember the lies You told
But I'm sorry was the worst;
So I'll keep the pain inside my chest
Never unleashing my desire for revenge;
You lured me in with Your smile
Sealing my fate with a kiss;
Your happiness is nothing more
Than an insulting spit in the face;
Since I was just another
Notch on your belt;
But it's not my fault I believed you when You promised
Forever and Always

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