April 15, 2009
By DreamingPoet89 DIAMOND, Hillsboro, Ohio
DreamingPoet89 DIAMOND, Hillsboro, Ohio
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Life without love , is no life at all

I can't help
but play a sad song
sit here in the rain
I can't help
but feel a little sad
and I don't know why
wish I vould run
to where you are
no I'm here
stuck in this moment
feel so alone
words feel like air
this house is so cold
and emtpy
wish I was there
to hold and kiss you
but I can't
minutes seem like hours
and I just wake up
feeling the same dread
living the same
and I want to scream
no one will hear
hearts about to burst
wish the sleep would come
rescue me
but no
I lay here awake
no dreams here

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