To be my friend

April 15, 2009
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I spend the entire day,

Not quite sure knowing what to say.

I try to catch your eye,

Every time you walk by.

Half the time when I do,

I grin and look away from you.

Every time you flick your finger under my chin,

The feelings I feel, they feel like sin.

Doodling, I sit in class.

Waiting for time to pass,

I write your name on the corner of my page.

I wish I had life figured out at my age.

Yesterday I caught myself signing real fast,

My first name with your last.

It looked pretty cute, but I scribbled it through.

You’re supposed to be my friend, that’s what I told you.

I hate it when you talk about any other girl.

Sometimes I shake, I get sick, I hurl.

Because I can’t stand the thought of losing you.

I want to scream, but it’s just so true.

Sometimes I got so much going through my head,

I want to hurt myself, but I remember what you said.

You’re not just hurting you,

you’re hurting others too.

Sometimes I want to push you away,

Sometimes I want to hold you close, and make you stay.

Sometimes I want to hold your hand,

Sometimes all I want to do is beside you stand.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to see your face.

Sometimes all I want to do, is be in your embrace.

Some of the things you do just make me scream,

Yet, together, we make a perfect team.

I’m always worried, I’m always scared,

I drag you into everything, because I know you care.

Sometimes I think you love me less each day,

And I believe I love you more each day.

You told me I’m beautiful, it makes me shake

No one ever said that, I can feel my heart break.

I’m not strong enough for the both of us,

I feel like such a baby, such a wuss.

I’m 16, I don’t know what love is,

I’m looking for a light in the darkness.

I’m not ready for anything, not for a relationship

Love is like wine, it’s a bitter sip.

Can’t we be the best of friends?

Time will tell how our friendship will end.

But for right now, I don’t know what I want,

For the time being, you me do head haunt.

I wake up thinking about you, it’s true.

I go to sleep holding Tremble, my gift from you.

But I can only handle friendship, I’m sorry,

I’m not ready now, maybe I’ll never be.

So deal with me, in my weak moments, and my strong.

You’re my best friend—more right now just feels so wrong.

I love you, I breath you, I miss you,

But right now, I need you…

To be my friend…

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