Till Death

April 15, 2009
By gothic_kitten145 BRONZE, San Diego, California
gothic_kitten145 BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Let this sacrifice be the one thing that holds us together.
Let this blood red night sky be the only thing you see.
All I’ve worked for is gone forever into eternity.
Standing beside this pool of black tears in a sea of lonely,
Casting a spell of death over my soul.
My mind, worn down in faith;
My world comes crashing down.
All these walls are crumbling inside this place.
Can’t think, Can’t breath, Can’t even stay alive here.
Where were you when I needed you in my arms?
Why weren’t you there for me in my time of need?
Will I ever get the truth out of this lie?
I’m trying to be heard through this pitch black darkness.
You can’t hear my screams of pain can you?
There’s no point in being the one and only anymore.
Are you the only thing that keeps me alive?
If you are please leave me alone to die.
I can’t bare this pain anymore.
Thoughts of confusion and hate swirl through my dreams,
Leaving me nightmares to come alive and kill me in my sleep.

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