work space is no space.

April 15, 2009
By Jordan Duran BRONZE, Washington, Utah
Jordan Duran BRONZE, Washington, Utah
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type. type. type.
i sip on my water.
and talk the small talk.

tap. tap. tap.
i take real good notes.
and i listen real close.

chomp. chomp. chomp.
i eat alone.
and i call home.

ring. ring. ring.
everyone keeps working.
and i keep trying.

snap. snap. snap.
i feel my cubicle walls pushing.
and my stomach is lurching.

crunch. crunch. crunch.
i think the bars are bending.
and my head is shrinking.

gasp. gasp. gasp.
i think im falling now.
but im holding on to the cold hard wood.

thunk. thunk. thunk.
i see those shiny black shoes.
and i hope they don't stop.

clink. clink. clink.
change is seeping from my pockets.
my face is wet and the ground is firm.

blink. blink. blink.
if only i can keep still.
i'll close my eyes. for just a bit.

static. static. static.
i feel engulfed inside the waves.
my mind stops spinning.

pull. pull. pull.
the floor is pulling me down.
i don't think i can stop it.

grit. grit. grit.
my jaw locks.
and i can't breathe.

crack. crack. crack.
i can't move, but i feel alright.
i don't seem to care as i move towards the light.

The author's comments:
i graduated early.
and i went to work.

i started life alot faster
then i expected.

some days; i feel like i
may not make it anymore in
this cubicle.

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