April 15, 2009
By Ingredients GOLD, Austin, Texas
Ingredients GOLD, Austin, Texas
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An enigma appears to you as you think about a choice
To wonder deep inside your mind or speak aloud with voice
This puzzle that breaks your back and really takes your mind
To ask a person a certain question someone you find so kind

A mystery that requires the most intellectual psych
A conundrum that hurts your soul but yet one still you like
No doubt the answer is given to me somewhere I must look
But all this garbage in my brain stops me from finding what I took

Damn it all to hell, perhaps I’ll do it anyway
What’s the worst to happen, still… all I can do is pray
A strong willed man I am keeping myself on this path
Trying to stay my mind from going on a suicidal rage of wrath...

Ah, yes but I have yet to tell what it is that troubles me
Listen close and listen hard and perhaps then you will see
I hate I hate decision making especially involving me
So here’s the problem laid out as plain can be

A girl that I have known for a while has come to my attention
It seems she is not involved with any man to mention
I myself am very hard to please you see
And wanting a girl as nice as her is something I should decree

But woe is me, when my nerves fail and I’m pushed into emergency
My poor self is faced with the task of telling her my urgency
For in three days I leave from home and I know I will lose her for good
This is my predicament are you sure you’ve understood?

I used to be a friend of hers a year way back before
We joked and laughed together my past self was so unsure
Opportunity had slipped and I had thought her lost
For my past self had not the nerve to understand this cost

Now I have gone a full turn a year and still I am thinking
Why has nothing worked for me perhaps she’s why I’m sinking
So today is judgment day to find out if my words hit true
Will I end a happy man or one still feeling blue

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