April 15, 2009
By Ingredients GOLD, Austin, Texas
Ingredients GOLD, Austin, Texas
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Here we have a governmental power
It follows our movement, hour by hour
Watching us closely, clutching us tightly
Wanting us to stay away from the unsightly

What I want to know, is what happened to our autonomy
The amendments that protected, that freed our economy
It seems that these papers are being burned in the flames
The things that define our rights, are being put to shame

I think we should stop, and evaluate our position
We should all ask the executive just what is our mission
We’re stuck in a conflict, over black gold
Were slowly deteriorating, and our soul is being sold

We are scared in our homes and peeking through the blinds
Were afraid of these so called terrorist masterminds
Consider the following, and think about this
What happened to Bin laden, doesn’t he still exist?

What happened to the war, the very first one?
The war on drugs, is this that war, the one that we’ve won?
I don’t think so, just look around
We’ve got thirteen year old kids overdosed on the ground

Hospitals full, and schools contaminated
Everyone’s a suspect, while drugs are circulated
I hold up my hands, not in defeat but in question
It seems every day, another kid arrested for possession

I look in the direction of our possible fate
I think the future of our country just can’t wait
We have to think about, what can we do?
We have a few problems, seriously overdue

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