Prom Night

April 15, 2009
By vindictivejd BRONZE, Lancaster, Wisconsin
vindictivejd BRONZE, Lancaster, Wisconsin
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I sit behind my steering wheel
Watching cars go by and lights flash
I hear the fading *Clink*Clink*Clink*
Of flashing cameras as I drift out of the parking lot
I drive through empty streets full of memories
Tears flowing down my made- up face
As I rip my studded crown out of my hairspray- matted hair
My car halts in the middle of an abandoned bridge
Engine purring as I sit, stalling.
With momentum gained I blast through the cement railing
Splashing into the bitter cold below
Instantly numb, my body relaxes, the pain subsides
My tears blend into the veins that are the rivers icy grave
Slowly fading, I’m free; I’m home.

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