I See

April 15, 2009
By Rowan GOLD, Roseville, Minnesota
Rowan GOLD, Roseville, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
A Person's A Person, No Matter How Small
Dr. Suess

I see
Birds, bees, jump rope
Sand running through my fingers
My room, the black hole of stories
The robin outside my window at 4 am
My big black dog, tearing after Cammy cat,
Playing together, cat and dog
I’m too small
Exploring the church
Listening to silence
Eating raspberries
Så smuk
Five years old

I see
The nisse hiding in the fireplace of
Mormor and Bedstefar’s
Mormor’s blue shirt
and glass necklace bobbing gently
Her perfume lined up in a row
Christmas, Easter, thanksgiving
Always there
The beautiful ornaments
The smell
It has always been there
The wood spinning wheel
I can’t prick myself upon

I see
Warmth, sun, and lemons
Farmors and Farfar’s
Pool, cool and wet
Climbing the wall at the
Garlic festival
Garlic ice cream
Showing LP the clowns
Looking out for my little brother

I see
Summer, full of family
Danebod, Skovsøen, Virginia
Friends, singing, dancing
Huske Dansk, spille med andre
Watching bears and snakes
Finding chicken eggs
Winter, back to school
Learning, playing
Having fun

I see
LP, growing up
Kaja’s death, getting Kasia
Snuggling with mom
Talking with dad
Family everywhere
Friends just as close
So important

I see
Books, stories give such gifts
Joy, sadness, love, hate
Showed and portrayed
Movies, actors bring out so much
Like music
Voices ringing
Blowing the soul around the world
Flowing everywhere
Anything is music
And can be found
Even in the

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