April 15, 2009
By Dylan Jackson SILVER, Cushing, Oklahoma
Dylan Jackson SILVER, Cushing, Oklahoma
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Looking around...
Where do I go?
Which turn do I take?
Who do I follow?
So many crowds...
All taking a different path in the labyrinth of my life.
All of them certain they are right...
Should I take my own path?
Or will I get lost?

It is decided.
I am now on my way.
Will I ever get out?
Who could ever say?
I am alone now...
It is dark and cold.
And I don't have a light.
Do I go where I'm told?
Or am I the only one right?

My heart is now stopping.
I am slowly dying.
And I think to myself.
"The path that I chose, was it right?"
The trip is now over, it has come to an end.
The only advice that I can give is-
Not everyone wins.

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