April 15, 2009
By courtney grizzle BRONZE, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
courtney grizzle BRONZE, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
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to my father who died before my 4th birthday
sometimes i wonder what i would say
if i could talk to you today
there would be so much i would tell you
like how much i love you and miss you
its so hard being without a father all your life
i remembered when you died
i couldn't do anything but cry
sometimes i wonder why
why all i have always dies
but one thing i can promise
there will always be a place for you
in my heart
i tried to do my part
it was hard to understand
why all i have is gone
and i'll never get it back
i miss you
i love you
but most of all i need you

The author's comments:
my father died from drugs and alcohol. Right before i turned four years old!This is about how much pain i feel every day because he went away ! If you have a father read this and i hope you will appreciate how lucky you are to actually have a father!!! i love you daddy!!!!!

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