April 15, 2009
By pimpc BRONZE, McNeil, Arkansas
pimpc BRONZE, McNeil, Arkansas
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I can’t believe you smiled as you walked away and said good-bye.
I don’t expect the world to stop spinning just because you broke my heart
or for you to sound sincere but it wouldn’t have killed you to at least try.
You tried so hard to hurt me, was that your plan from the start?
My question to you is where is your heart?
How did you pretend so well, you are such a great actor.
You put on a great show but by the time the last curtain fell the truth was in the open
exposed for the world to see.
In the end you had a story about a pitiful girl that was stupid enough to care
about how you and how you felt.
I cried but you didn’t care and with your missing heart how could yo?
I’ll just walk away because there is no use in me having feelings that I’ll never say.
I would rather walk through fire before I would let you feel the way I did when
you hurt me because that’s what a real friend would do.
However I wouldn’t expect all that from you though because I’ve never
met someone as cold as you.

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