Tree and Crow

April 15, 2009
By buchertexas BRONZE, The Dalles, Oregon
buchertexas BRONZE, The Dalles, Oregon
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Tree, older than ages, has always been home to Crow,
Together they were one of the many beauties of nature,
For millennia they lived at peace,
Tree offering shelter to Crow,
And Crow offering company to Tree.
But one day, an odd species disturbed their tranquility,
An odd featherless and barkless species.
He was pale as Winter’s cold blanket,
But he was also large, not as big as Tree, but still much larger than Crow.
He was Man.
Now Man had come a day after Storm had stopped by,
And though Storm had trickled by swiftly,
He had torn a couple of limbs from Tree, and dropped them to Ground.
Now Man was as interested with Tree’s fallen limbs,
As Tree and Crow were interested with him.
Tree and Crow watched all day as Man played with one of the limbs,
Rubbing it against a rock, and watching it carefully.
But just as Sun started to hide behind Mountain, Man stood up.
He held up the limb, now skinny and sharp, and looked Crow right in the eye.
For seconds they stared at each other, Crow and Man,
And then Man threw the limb at Crow.
And that’s how Tree killed Crow.

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