April 15, 2009
By Samantha Dutan BRONZE, Shenorock, New York
Samantha Dutan BRONZE, Shenorock, New York
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In that first moment,
It may seem trouble-free.
To place the pieces together,
When some refuse to agree.

But what happens to that masterpiece,
when all is said and done?
Will it be everlasting satisfaction?
or maybe just for fun?

Key components get lost,
like the borders of a heart.
They are gone forever,
and we quickly break apart.

What was one perfect,
is now left desolate.
A million puzzle pieces,
where no two seem to fit.

No tape or glue,
could ever repair.
What was once irreplaceable,
what was once unique and rare.

Without those missing pieces,
our puzzle is incomplete.
That once immaculate picture,
no longer looks so neat.

Don’t want to go our separate ways,
it won’t work, it never does.
We move on heavy hearted,
knowing it can’t be what it was.

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by everyday relationships. The thought of a relationship not remaining "picture perfect," is something that noone looks forward to facing, yet it seems impossible to dodge.

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