As i feel...

April 15, 2009
By Anonymous

As everyday passes slowly
I try not to think
My life like a gentle numbness
Feeling like I have nothing
No one to talk to
No one to listen
No one at all

Then as I feel like I have hit the bottom of my chain
And I can’t take much more of feeling alone
You come into my life from nowhere
You take my hand
You take my breathe
You take my heart
When I look in your eyes
I see care and compassion for me
And also I see the deep love you have for me.

Although before I felt like I didn’t have anything
Now I feel as if I have everything I once dreamed of
Maybe you were always there in my life
But I never saw you,
Although you did come out of nowhere
As soon as I saw you I felt an instant connection
Like I have seen you or meet you before.
Or maybe you were in my dreams
Maybe you were my saviour
My knight
Or maybe just maybe you were my heart….
And that when you came into my life
You brought with it my heart
Which you will keep forever more…

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