look at me

April 15, 2009
By EmilySunshine BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
EmilySunshine BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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I don’t think I love you any more
Now it’s just a habit to call you
Our love isn’t there any more

Was our love ever there?
Wasn’t it just lust?

I met someone
I love the way he looks at me

You never looked at me like that
You looked at me as if I was a object

He looks at me like I’m everything
I think he loves me

Something you never did

I am comparing you again

I went back to you again
Begging for your love
Begging for a life with you

You said you loved me
It was a lie wasn’t it
You don’t look at me when we talk
You look over me

You broke my heart again

Why did I ever go back?

He still looks at me
But now he comforts me
Because you hurt me

He loves me
He looks at me
I think I might love him

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