Why Do I?

April 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Why do people love?
the touch
the feel
the unsensible appeal?

why do people love?
the pain
the strain
the unattainable refrain

why do people love?
the irristible?
the impossible?
the implausible?

Why do i feel...
the unsensible appeal?
the unattainable refrain?
the Implausible?

Perhaps I know...
now that I can feel it
i cannot repeal it
it tingles inside
something i cannot hide

it comes and goes
and nobody knows

it's been so long
I wish it would come back
I do not want to go on the attack

I've loved
I've hated
I've long awaited

The one to dash me away
and make everything ok

But perhaps it isnt so
surely maybe you know?

Maybe it wasn't ment to be
that first date
that first kiss
I still wish...

that you will come back
and everything will be ok

but you've moved on
and i still hold on
i cannot stand to feel you tug away

its over its done
i can no longer linger on

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