See You Soon

April 15, 2009
By mattiesbradley BRONZE, Racine, Wisconsin
mattiesbradley BRONZE, Racine, Wisconsin
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It's one in the morning and
I'm alone in this room
The last thing you said to me
Was, "I'll see you soon."
You left the door wide open
And I couldn't breathe
I left my heart wide open
But you wouldn't leave

Where oh where, has the time gone?
I'm falling apart and you're moving on
You were right, and I was wrong.

All of these resentments
Wear my patience thin
The alcohol I'm drinking
Is making my head spin
My heart is the glass
My room is the bottle
That makes me feel hopeless
'Til I wake tomorrow

Tonight is the night
That you walk away
And I swallow the words
That I was meant to say

This is the part where
We watch the tables turn
But to be honest with you,
I'm never gonna learn
That I can't breathe with
This burning in my chest
And I've learned my lesson
To never hope for the best

As the hours roll on
I watch in despair
I'm stuck in the past
But time doesn't care
If time heals all wounds
I must be living a lie
I'm barely holding on
I'm fighting to get by

I never paid attention to
The reasons that you've made
For walking out on me
And making me feel afraid


I tell myself not to sleep
I'm afraid of my dreams
They slaughter me senseless
It's just how it seems
My heart can't take this
I can't see what lies ahead
I'm guessing it's not pretty
That's not what you said

I'd do anything to leave
To run away from rejection
I can't accept the fact
That I'll never meet perfection


"Silence is golden and
I hate it when you speak"
I forgot the words
That made me feel so weak


I have torn apart inside
It's not that hard to tell
I hope I'll see you soon
After you burn in hell

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