A Rocket to the Moon

April 14, 2009
A Rocket to the Moon

Let's build a rocket to the moon
We can keep our future in mind
We can start a whole new life
We can leave our past behind

This could be a possibility
This could be a possibilty

I'm sure there's some place
You'd probably rather be
When you're singing this song
I hope you're thinking of me

This is the closest I am
To living life on the edge
And I feel so alive
I've never felt so alive


I love it when you smile
You're such a beautiful sight
I swear I can't see myself
Getting to sleep tonight

It's amazing how a girl like you
Can affect a guy like me


I was afraid to leave the ground
There's no place to go but down
I can't believe what my eyes can see
A girl like you with a guy like me


Let's build a rocket to the moon
We all need some room to breathe
Because of you and your smile
I don't need a reason to believe
You're my reason to believe

Let's build a rocket to the moon
Just you and me

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