Graduation Day

April 14, 2009
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School is boring
I’m so tired of this heartless building
So filled with lies…betrayal…hypocrisy
Memories erasing in my mind…I want
Those memories pounding on my heart..
Painful memories I dread to remember
My mind ..I want to forget the past
I try to…but the easiness of pain gone away..
Never really last long enough
Like it had ever really left in the first place
Books…homework adding onto my stress
I need to sleep…but the pictures of you
Keeping me awake…sleepless nights
Dreaming nightmares of you…
I hate this school
I blame this building…smothering me in heartache
Heartbreak…soul burning pain
This soulless, emotionless, dead school
Blackening my inner self, my happiness…swallowing my light
I hate this school
Two more months…until graduation day
“ Oh, God….let me last until then” I sincerely pray
I’m so sick of the hurt, pain, and the bull
I can’t wait to get out of this misery school

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