The Saint

April 14, 2009
By Austin Vaughn BRONZE, Moss Point, Mississippi
Austin Vaughn BRONZE, Moss Point, Mississippi
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Topless arena of sand and blood
Where the faithless crowds cheer above
Amid the darkness, I battled doom
Tied down to rosewood with only a heirloom

Forlorn in shadow, I prayed for saving grace
There I cradled the cross necklace above my waist
And I glanced up in the heavens with tears sliding down my cheeks
As a shooting star emanated across the skyline peak

Suddenly, the lightening burst and roared
As the fickled gusts came and soared
My senses honed to the encroaching evil
When the sanguine shaded eyes aproached amidst the drizzle

The greatest threat in the silver shower
The Black Mamba rose up my spine ready to devour
His jaws opened wide and fangs penetrated deap
My neck collapsed to chest, and I fell to sleep

Blessed am I, to die for His name’s sake
Now ready for the crusade to Heaven’s gate
St. Peter’s nod I now await
And I pray the lord my soul to take

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