April 14, 2009
By leah bortnick BRONZE, Melrose Park, Pennsylvania
leah bortnick BRONZE, Melrose Park, Pennsylvania
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What grows bigger each night?
What shrinks each day?
What’s never here, what’s always there?
These are the riddles that run through my head
Every hour, every minute that a little piece of me dies
I think. I wonder. I hope.
My fear grows bigger each night
My hope diminishes through the day
Friends are never here
Freedom is always there
There where the grass is always greener
There, where the children play and sing

I take a photo in my head
The image screams loud and clear
How could we have let this happen?
How could we have stood by
And done nothing
To see young Anna’s face
As the Schuppo* tore her limb from limb
Oh, how I cried!
Giant tears like shards of glass cut at my face, and tear at my heart
Dear little Anna, I will fight
No, I will not go down without a fight
For no more will I ignore
I will not be deaf to the obvious
The inevitable will be changed!
As I look back over my riddles
Years and years, again and again
Recalling unwanted memories that will not be forgotten
For each letter in Genocide has a meaning

G- Some say they saw G_d laughing over his shoulder
E- 10 billion eyes divert their attention
N- No longer is there a reason to go on throughout life
O- Omnipresent fear washing out all thought of happiness
C-Coincidence is never the case
I- Inevitability is as good as a chew toy unless no one makes an effort to change anything
D- Death
E- Nobody said “Dianu”** fast enough

*Schuppo – violent Nazi police group ** Dianu – ‘enough’ in Hebrew

The author's comments:
this was written about the holocaust

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