Sinking Sand

April 14, 2009
By Jacob Ginga SILVER, Spencer, Massachusetts
Jacob Ginga SILVER, Spencer, Massachusetts
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To the sinking sand
This pain
I did not plan
With the strongest hand
I reach for the answer
Girl after girl
New breeds of cancer
Why me?
I’m done asking
Who am I
Yeah I’m done masking

These window panes shatter
As the contense of my empty heart begin to clatter
Rattle and shake
My life they did break
I’m lost when I’m gone
I run and I fall
I’m here when I’m wrong
I try and I call

What would you have me do?
Just to be equal
Standing next to you
Treat me like you care?
So sensible
You’d never dare
The world I would give
With you I would live
Deep with in your lips
Where you breath becomes mine
And our love becomes kind

Happiness I knew once
When 1 hand was enough
To tell you my birthday
When my skin was not tough
A run and hug
A smile when I give
A plant and a bug
I lived in the sun
The air was so crisp
Around my unscarred wrist

Oh the simple days
When a smile seen
through the haze
the suns sweet rays

Welcome to my globe
Rattle and shake
For my lovers sake
Let me out.
Before I drown.

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