April 14, 2009
By Jacob Ginga SILVER, Spencer, Massachusetts
Jacob Ginga SILVER, Spencer, Massachusetts
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Father of mine,
Lets take them back to the time.
When it was just the two of us,
When anything was enough.
Dinner for two
Between slices of bread
Ham and cheese and mustard fed.
Never had to complain
Out on the porch
Just watching it rain.

Take me by the hand
Across the street to the infield sand
Where I road my first bike
Man, what a sight.
One tent for the two
Just me and you
Up with the sun
All day brought fun
Night lights of hot coals
Hot coco for my colds.

Dad you are my inspiration
A savor even
In desperation.
Your always here for me
And I know you’ll always be
My very best friend
When times are rough
And my minds a bend.
You find your way
To the heart of the haze
And bring me back to better days.

So dad as time goes on
I will do wrong
But not nearly as much as right
For the path you have paved
Will lead me through any night.
So I wrote this today
With the simple need to say.
I love you dad,
With the good and the bad.

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