Life As A Cloud

April 14, 2009
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My mind chases
The thought of you
Threw scared fields
Of open wounds
That line the blood
Spattered interior of my crippling heart

Its these thoughts
That keep the crows at bay
And the wildlife
Here not to comfort me
But to open these abrasions
And watch
As what I’ve tried to grow
Go up in flames
And out in a cloud

But is that wrong
A life as lonely as a cloud?
Condemned to float alone
One who’s loved
And one whose lost
Will find the open sky
With these thoughts.

So if you find your wings
Wont you fly beside me?
So that I know
That one whose loved
And one whose lost
Will ride his damnation
Into the foot of the wall
He could never over come.

This is not a prayer of the weak
It’s a promise to the strong
The road up the hill
Is nothing compared
To the journey itself.
Cherish the challenge
As I welcome the company.

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