April 14, 2009
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This may not make scence,
This may not be true.
But all of those feelings belong to you.
Yet to me,
Silence is the loudest thing.

I can't stand it,
White sound would even be better.
How is it so loud?
I have no idea
Yet still, silence is the loudest thing

You may think it's better,
But I beg to differ.
Silence is just so, quiet,
Yet, the quiet is just so very loud.
So yet again, silence is the loudest thing.

I can't see how in the world you like it.
The silence i mean.
It's almost like your in a trance,
Like you can bring yourself to break it,
Because, still silence is the loudest thing

But the truth of the matter is,
It's the loudness of the silence that scares me.
Because yet again,
Silence is the loudest thing

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The_Poet said...
May 4, 2009 at 11:19 pm
This is the author. I'd really like for some constructive criticism. I like to make my work better with the help of others :)
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