The First Day of School

April 14, 2009
By , Montcliar, NJ
On the very first day of sixth grade I started middle school

It turned out being a great day, it was so very cool
Everyone wore all the greatest and latest clothes and trends

It was a good thing I ended up making tons of friends

My teachers were very nice, based on first impressions though

I don’t know if the kindness will last, but I hope so

I hope all my friendships last a while before one ends
But if one does though, I guess it will be easy to make more friends

It turned out to be easier than I thought it’d be

It is almost just like elementary school to me
Hopefully if my friends and I get in a fight we’ll make amends

In the end everyone will end up having good friends

I enjoyed all of my classes, my friends and I had fun
We didn’t get a lot of homework since school had just begun

Good thing I’m not the only one that attends

I am very grateful and happy that I have friends

I love the sixth grade; middle school is so much fun to me

I wonder how much better it could possibly be

I guess this is where my little story comes to an end
It just all comes down to keeping and gaining loyal friends

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