A New Realm

April 14, 2009
By Lakshmi Varanasi BRONZE, Brookfield, Wisconsin
Lakshmi Varanasi BRONZE, Brookfield, Wisconsin
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Beyond these eyes I see a new realm
A universe of dreams and thoughts
My eyes are windows
Peering into the unknown

An intrinsic world of imagination exists
Beyond this body I call my own
Beyond this character I play
Dwells a soul ready to be set free

These eyes of mine are many colors
Not just brown, but blue, green, and black
The hues of my emotions

They are the portals to a haven
A haven which holds my deepest secrets
A locked box in which I confide
A world that is all mine

This world guides me
through a journey called life
At times it raises me to the clouds
Letting me soar in the sky of hope
Setting my heart free.

Yet sometime sit takes me to the sea
Dropping me into a bottomless pit of bitter tears

This realm exists in all of us
It is the elixir of humanity
And beneath our masks exists our soul
The bearer of this,
Our identity

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