Some Say

April 14, 2009
By KathrynSinn SILVER, Edmonds, Washington
KathrynSinn SILVER, Edmonds, Washington
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Some say dreams never come true,
Some say there’s no happiness in reality,
Some say true love doesn’t exist,
But they’re wrong.
Dreams come true for those that want them bad enough,
Happiness is a reality for those that know what matters,
True love is out there for everyone, just look.

Some say death is the beginning,
Some say hope is for the weak,
But life is a true beginning,
And hope is for the strong.

Don’t, no, never settle for what some say.
Believe in what you want,
Not because of what someone else believes.
Be free to live life to your own dreams,
Don’t let people push you down.
Stand up for you.

Some may say you aren’t pretty,
Some may say you aren’t smart,
Some may say you’ll never be anything important,
But you are.
Each day someone thinks of you,
Each day someone believes in you,
If not someone else, you do.

The author's comments:
I started to think of how so many people think negetively about life and love and happiness. I think it's wrong to follow a crowd and not ask where you are going. Don't fall under what Some Say, rise above and do something for yourself, be yourself and see the passion that is hiding behind each door

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