April 14, 2009
By healed SILVER, Canterville, Iowa
healed SILVER, Canterville, Iowa
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Scared to walk away,
Afraid of what one day could do.
Scared to say good-bye,
For what if it’s my last one to say.
Scared to close my eyes,
I hate to see what’s going to play in my head.
Scared to make one single wrong move,
I want to do things just right.
Scared to get out of bed,
When my days are all gray.
Scared to look away,
For your eyes outshine my grays.
Scared to say what’s on my mind,
Cuz all I think about is that I almost lost you.
Scared to let you go,
I don’t want to be alone.
Scared to kiss you good-bye,
It’s always to long until the next one.
Scared to mess up,
I’ve caused you too much pain already.
Scared that I’ll lose you,
Even when you say I won’t.
Scared someone beautiful and flawless will come along,
Even if I can’t be perfect don’t give up on me.
Scared to cry,
I don’t want to look weak anymore.
Scared to be any thing less than you deserve,
I feel like I’m failing you now.
Scared To Death I Will Lose My Dream Come True,
My Angel, My Romeo, My bear, My EVERYTHING.

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