April 14, 2009
By Nikole GOLD, Concordia, Kansas
Nikole GOLD, Concordia, Kansas
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The days are going by faster and faster
It feels like it was just yesterday
I had to go to court for the first time
But it was actually almost over a month ago
Now there are only a few days til i have to go again
And I'm okay with that
I'm ready to go to court so you'll be put away for life
You don't know what you've gotten yourself into
You tried to scare me away last time
And it almost worked
But not this time
This time I'm ready
I still have feelings for you
Only because that's natural
But otherwise I hate you
I know you have made friends in jail
But unlucky for you
Your friends are our friends
I'm sorry that you did that to me
And now you're paying
You should be sorry
I trusted you and you broke that trust
Because of you I can't trust very many guys
I'm not afraid of your friends in Salina anymore
I guess I'll see you
In court

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