Start Over

April 14, 2009
By Nikole GOLD, Concordia, Kansas
Nikole GOLD, Concordia, Kansas
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Some days I just want to disappear
I want to got to a place where I can start all over
And begin a new life
With no problems I could be happy
But I snap back to reality
And realize that day will never come
It hurts inside
Knowing what I know
All I want is to let go of my past
But I can't
And it hurts
Everyone says that I need to get over it
He turned my whole life around
Made it worse than it was before
I sometimes wish that I would have never of met him
I would be happy and still be with my boyfriend
But that will never happen
He hates me and has moved on
And I understand that
I blame myself for losing him
I lied to him
Just to stay with him
Only to lose him
Many days I cry
And wonder "why"
Other days I try to stay happy
For the sake of others
I lock myself in my room many times
And cry myself to sleep
Thinking if only if only I could just
Start over

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