No Name

April 14, 2009
By Nikole GOLD, Concordia, Kansas
Nikole GOLD, Concordia, Kansas
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Every day of my life
Get harder and harder
By the second
Nobody knows what it is like to be me
And they never will
If only someone could be just like me
That way I have someone to talk to
Who knows what I'm going through and what I've been through
Every time I turn around there's always someone
But to me there isn't anyone
I wish I could be normal
Just for a bit
But I know that will never happen
My life is very hard to keep together
Many days of my life I just want to give up
And let all the pieces scatter
But I know I can't
I have to try to stay strong for myself and for my family
It gets easy on days
And those are the days I'm happy
There are not very many of those days anymore
It's all his fault
I try to forget what he did to me
But every guy reminds me of him somehow
I'm afraid that it might happen again
Even though it might not
All my friends left me when they found out
Except for one
It happened to that friend too
My boyfriend left me
Only because he thought I cheated on him
I'm all alone
I'm so afraid
Somedays it feels like I have
No Name

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