April 14, 2009
By Nikole GOLD, Concordia, Kansas
Nikole GOLD, Concordia, Kansas
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They last forever
Some are good and some are bad
Even though we don't want to go back to the bad ones
We never want to forget them
If we forgot them we couldn't learn from them
I know I say I want to forget what happened to me
But that dreadful day in March
Has made me learn that I need to be more careful with my choices
I know now that before I trust any guy
I need to know a lot about them
I try to remember the good memories
The good memories are the ones we all want to go back to
Some people don't have very good memories
Everybody says those people are always negative
But it's not their fault
We could learn from good memories too
In very different ways we can learn from everything in our lives
Even though kids deny it
Our parents are right
You have to be through a lot of stuff to understand
That our memories are like teachers
they teach us that life isn't easy at all
Still we all have our own

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