April 14, 2009
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Some days you'll think "why did I do that?"
While others you'll think "why didn't I do that?"
If yo feel that way then that means
That you have been hurt in the past
I know how you feel
Very much so
I've been through that and so much more
It has happened to me
And some of my friends
We know how you feel
Sometimes I wish I could go back in time
And change my past
But I know I can't
And I accept that fact
Even though I know
I can't change my past
Doesn't mean I can't wish that I could
It gets harder everyday
That will never change
It gets hard trusting guys again
Because every time you go near a guy
It brings you back to that day
And replays it in your mind
Over and over and over again
Everyone says that therapy will work
But it doesn't
All I do is try to forget
But sometimes I can't
And it hurts
I guess that is just

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