Behind The mask

April 14, 2009
she was the type of girl that wore a mask on her face; constantly wondering what others had to say,
she feels like theres a crowd of people around her looking and judging everyday. Their stares so strong as if trying to make her weak, so many times she has lost her self, constantly its she they talk about. Everyday deep inside she has a strange feeling and her hearts starts to race, thoughts running in her mind as she wonders how things will go today,so tired of pretending to be. so she looks at herself in the mirror and a smile starts to appear. from this day forward there will be no more worring about what they think. because today's the day this girl becomes free. she doesnt need no more disguises now. no longer will she be weak.this the real her in her head she proudly says this me.
Standing strong on her feet, knowing from now she will be all she can be. there wont be no more telling her who to be. she was the type of girl who wore a mask on face. Now she doesnt care what any one has to say. This is the real her and that how i will stay

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