April 13, 2009
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In human race, there is no knowledged winner.
Success is accoladed to the rarest sinner.
By your mentors, this is taught,
but could divergency ever be caught?

Every mind, with a different rate of feed,
this is false; minds are all of common speed.
Controlling your pace with the path you take.
Setting appart is no piece of cake.

It takes a man of uncommon pride,
to take the road without a sole by side.
Conquering the trail will be eminently tough.
The winds are high, and the pavements are rough.

Throughout the path, you will often feel lost.
But keep on fighting, it will all be worth the cost.
In the middle of vacancy, continue to be loud.
This will be the only way to exclude from the crowd.

Now your path meets back with the main;
the commander, the chief, the leader you reign!
Because of the risk, it's you they adore.
You are united, not alone as before.

For now you see, anyone can be set apart.
Its upon yourself to develop a start.
Once you transcend, into the lead,
forever more, you shall exceed.

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